ARTA = ART + ARCHITECTURE, is where the thought-provoking and experiential qualities of art meets the functionality and spatiality of architecture. The two inform and inspire each other in our works to create unexpected designs that stimulates one’s thoughts, emotions, and senses.

    Founded in Hong Kong since 2021, where the limited public spaces are often left unused, we have created numerous public art and architectural installations that encourages community interactions and provides a platform for the public to creatively interpret and interact with the works. There is also a strong sustainable and educational theme to our works, with the use of recycled materials such as recycled glass bricks and bottle caps, as well as the engagement of NGO’s allowing the involvement of people of all ages and backgrounds in the design process. We believe that social engagement, environmental awareness and design are inseparable.

    ARTA Architects' work has been exhibited and recognised internationally and locally including the Venice Architecture Biennale (2021), HKIUD Urban Design Awards (2021), Winner of HKIA Young Architect Award (2020), Winner Awards of the Development Bureau’s Victoria Harbour Word Art Competition (2020) and Harbourfront Furniture Competition (2020), and Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (2014).

    Looking forward, ARTA has been appointed as design architect for a 30,000sqm waterfront project, multiple sea view villas, several architectural installations and various interior design projects and we look forward to deliver these projects the unconventional ARTA way.

    ARTA = ART + ARCHITECTURE,我們的宗旨是將可詮釋和體驗的藝術與功能性和空間感強的建築結合。凝態建築設計相信通過在建築、室內、藝術裝置和社區設計等不同項目,可以從各個領域學習並受啟發,創造出意想不到的設計,並激發人們的思想、情感和官感。