ARTA wins Via North Point - Open Call for Creative Community Space Proposals
Awards - 31 March 2021

We are honoured to be one of the proposals selected out of over 70 submitted proposals for the upcoming 路過北角 Via North Point festival organized by Hong Kong Arts Centre for our social design, The Symphony of North Point. The proposals were selected by 15 selection panel members made up of experts from art and architecture, representatives from government and local authorities, and community stakeholders. We are working hard coordinating the fabrication works, and we look forward to realize the ideas together with our Community Partner – North Point Happy Teens Club in the Festival in September 2021!

我們很榮幸能夠在70多份創意提案中脫穎而出,成為獲選提案之一。獲選提案是經過網上徵集意見,並由15位藝術及建築界別的專業人士、本地政府機關和社區持份者團體組成的評審小組,從20份入圍提案中選出。衷心感謝香港藝術中心 、評審小組、北角街坊和我們的社區夥伴 - 北角樂Teen會的支持!我們現正努力優化設計並開始制作工程,期待在9月北角的路過藝術節 與大家互動!

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