ARTA wins the professional “Victoria Harbour” Word Art Competition
Awards - 23 October 2020

The Harbour Office of the Development Bureau (DEVB) and the Harbourfront Commission (HC) announced today (October 23) the winning entries of the “Victoria Harbour” Word Art Competition and the Harbourfront Public Furniture Competition. An iconic word art installation and 20 units of public furniture designed by the public will be placed at various locations on both sides of Victoria Harbour progressively in the next six months, for visitors to interact with, take pictures at and check-in with on social media.

“The Beacon of Hong Kong” (see picture), the winning entry of the “Victoria Harbour” Word Art Competition, was designed by young architect Arnold Wong and his team. The installation echoes the glamourous night view of Victoria Harbour with bold fonts and bright colours. Its mesh design was inspired by traditional Chinese window frame and screen craftsmanship, and enables sunlight to penetrate and create different effects during different times of a day. Its hollow letter design invites people to walk into the world of creative arts and become part of it. The artwork will be displayed at the East Coast Park Precinct east of Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter in the first half of 2021. About 40 metres in height and 3m in width, the artwork will be clearly visible within the Harbour.

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