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Tide Gauge Spiral
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Hong Kong Observatory, HKSAR
Tide Gauge Station
2020 - Concept Design
Tai Po Kau, Hong Kong
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong
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Celebrate the Tide Gauge Station
The Tide Gauge Station has long been protecting the public through its timely and accurate measurement of tide data, yet, the majority of the public are unaware of its existence. In this regard, we see this as an opportunity to create a symbolic architecture that both celebrates its role in ensuring public safety and educate the visitors about tidal measurement.

Sculptural & Function Form
Inspired by the logo of the Hong Kong Observatory, the design is a twisting form that symbolizes the spiraling patterns of the ocean and storm. In addition, compared to a rectangular form, the twisting part helps to minimize the effects of wind and wave loads on the structure.

Buildable & Cost-Effective
While the twisting form may seem complex, the construction is simple. The geometry is carefully designed to repeat on two elevations i.e north and west are the same as south and east, therefore, only two nos. of CNC milled timber formwork are required. After prefabrication of the formwork, the formwork shall be fixed on site, concrete can then be poured. Finally, four coats of Fluorocarbon Resin Texture Coating System are applied as a finish that is long lasting, durable, and super resistant to dirt, UV and various.