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The Symphony of North Point
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Hong Kong Arts Centre
Community Art Installation
August 2021 - Built
2021 年8月 -完工
North Point Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong
Finalist | iF DESIGN AWARD 2023
Longlist | Dezeen Awards 2022
Design Mark | Golden Pin Design Award 2022
Gold Award | Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2022
Nominated Award | HKIUD GBA Urban Design Awards 2022
Winner | HKAC “Via North Point” Open Call for Creative Proposals 2021
Ming Pao
Sound China Morning Post
Television Broadcasts Limited News
Headline Daily
Sing Tao Daily
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Rose Lin
North Point Happy Teens Club (Community Partner)
Kelvin Ng (Photography)
北角樂Teen會 (社區夥伴)
吳啟楓 (攝影)
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Sound as a medium
Sound has no boundaries. A simple greeting, or a short piece of music can already bring out a heart-felt warmth to people, while the peaceful sounds of nature can bring a sense of calm and serenity to chaotic city life. Symphony of North Point is an urban furniture and sound exchanging device that encourages inter-generational communication through the sound of People, Places and Nature. We believe sound as a medium for communication has the power to transcend and break down the boundaries of age, gender, and race in the beautiful neighborhoods and communities of North Point.

North Point Multi-generational Community
North Point is a multi-generational district, yet, we observe that the elderly residents and teenagers rarely spend time together and socialize. For instance, Pavilion at North Point Promenade is mostly used by elderly residents during the day and teenagers during the night. Based on the above observations, the Symphony of North Point is composed of multiple interconnected and intertwined sound devices that connects the elderly and the youth together through the Sound of People, Place and Nature, such as Sound of Ocean, Tree, Dance, Busking and New Friends.

Sound is limitless
Sound has no bias, boundaries and limitations. The sound of People, Places and Nature in North Point is an ice-breaking game that has the potential to take down the social barriers between people of different gender, age, race, income group or persons with a disability. The Symphony of North Point is a fun, interactive and all-inclusive installation for people to rest, to meet new friends, and to encourage a greater sense of the North Point community. We invite you all to make some noise with us at the North Point Promenade.
聲音是無界限的。 簡單的問候或一段小音樂足以安撫人心,而寧靜的自然之聲則可以為繁忙的都市生活帶來平靜和安寧的感覺。【北角交響樂】是一個兼具聲音交流裝置的社區休憩空間,通過人,地方和自然之聲鼓勵北角居民的交流,從而打破北角社區年齡,性別和種族的溝通隔膜。