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The Recycled Glass Tower
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Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture
Art Installation
2019 - Built
The Mills, Hong Kong
Arnold Wong, Keith Chan & Stephen Ip
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Glass recycling has not been very successful in Hong Kong throughout the years – only 10% of all waste glass bottles were recycled, with the rest (over 200 tonnes) sent to landlls every day. Not enough people recycle their glass bottles, which subsequently leads to a very limited usage of recycled glass in Hong Kong.

We hope to “make noise”, literally, by engaging the public in the rst steps of glass recycling, i.e. crushing the glass bottles into smaller pieces, in an attempt to raise their awareness in the recycling process. Visitors can insert their own bottles and crush them inside our “machine” with a simple mechanism and loud noise. They can watch the fragments being collected in the tray and collected periodically by the glass recycler to be turned into useful products.

After being collected by the glass recycler, apart from being turned into common low value products such as cement sand and paving materials, recycled glass can actually be made / added into a large variety of products such as cement, road paving materials, glass terrazzo / recycled glass tiles and glass bricks.