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The Recycled Glass Brick Spiral
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deTour 2020
Art Installation
2020 - Built
PMQ, Hong Kong
Arnold Wong, Keith Chan & Stephen Ip
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We focus on glass, particularly the second life of glass after it has fulfilled its purpose as beverage bottles, containers or shopfront windows, as we recycle it into a whole new type of building material. Through previous research and experimentation, we have found that glass can be recycled and molten back into primitive granules, which then can be mixed with resin and made into recycled glass bricks that are semi-transparent and fairly durable.
For deTour 2020, we propose to use recycled glass bricks to create an installation that takes people on a journey through different types of social distances. It consists of urban spaces of varying scales, all contained in a spiral structure built with recycled glass bricks. Moreover, the semi-transparency and perforations between the stacked brickwork induce varied experiences and perspectives, as opposed to our regular urban spaces that are often impermeable.