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The Portal of Speed
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Harbour Office of the Development Bureau
Public Art Installation Design & Build – 50 m2
December 2023 – Design & Built
Water Sports & Recreation Precinct, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Natalie, Vince, Wilson & Adrian
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The "Fly Head" trains have served the Hong Kong public for four decades between Kowloon and Lo Wu. As a celebration of its importance to Hong Kong, we were commissioned to design an interactive and educational art installation – The Portal of Speed.

Through changes in colour and density, we created a manifestation in form of 3 different velocities of the "Fly-Head" train - at full speed, slowing down upon arrival, and stationary at each of its destinations - to create both a sense of nostalgia, as well as optimism for the future.