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The Harbour Wave 流動維港
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Harbour Office of the Development Bureau
Art Pavilion - 160m2
藝術展亭 - 160平方米
December 2021 – Built
2021 年12月 -完工
East Coast Park Precinct, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Silver Award - Better Future - HK Design Awards 2022
Perspective magazine
Hong Kong Economic Times
Now TV News
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Ching Man Tai & Vince Lee
黃鋈暉,黃達禮, 戴靖雯 ,李穎詩
Kevin Mak of 1km Studio (Photography)
Deploy Media (Videography)
麥憬淮 (攝影)
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Since its opening, East Coast Park Precinct has been so popular among Hong Kong people and pets. This December, after the success of launching the Victoria Harbour Word Art – “The Beacon of Hong Kong”, we are bringing you another large-scale art pavilion – “The Harbour Wave” at the East Coast Park Precinct.

“The Harbour Wave” is an immersive art pavilion that floats between the breakwater of the East Coast Park Precinct and the sky above. The undulating form and changing gradient of vibrant colours captured from the night lights of the Hong Kong skyline appear as if in motion and harmony with the waves of the harbour. When the sun sets in the distance, and the harbour is lit up by the lights of the architecture, the installation comes to life with an ever-changing lighting experience that allows visitors to feel completely immersed in a surreal tapestry of motion and colour.

The 200 square metre floating canopy is composed of over 30,000 plastic bottle caps of different colours to demonstrate that beautiful art can be made from recycled plastic bottle caps. Hong Kong disposes of over 8.3 million plastic bottles on a daily basis. As the caps of plastic bottles are mostly sent to landfills, or end up in the harbour, we hope that “The Harbour Wave” can raise awareness and to educate the public on the damage to the environment caused by plastic waste, and to encourage the public to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, thus preserving the beautiful waterfront of Victoria Harbour.

The sustainable concept continues at the 5m tall Christmas Tree next to the “Beacon of Hong Kong” that is made up of almost 10,000 plastic bottle caps. It raises environmental awareness and at the same time, allow one to enter and experience being immersed within a tree to alter the traditional way of perceiving Christmas trees.
東岸公園主題區由開幕以來一直深受香港市民同寵物歡迎。今年12月, ARTA Architects 繼維多利亞港字型藝術裝置 - 「香港之光」 之後,再為東岸公園主題區添置新的大型藝術展亭「流動維港」。

飄浮於東岸公園防波堤與天空之間,「流動維港」在城市不同的尺度都可以與人和環境互動。於城市角度,它是一個可遠觀的新地標,呼應着香港的天際線和海岸線。而於公園的角度,它是一個市民可以進入和體驗的沉浸式 (Immersive) 藝術裝置。到晚上,悉心設計的波浪光影效果,再提供市民一個超現實的海濱體驗。

仔細留意,彩色的頂部其實是由超過30,000個膠樽蓋組成。香港每天拋棄超過 830 萬個膠樽,由於膠樽的樽蓋大多被送往堆填區,或最終流入海港。我們藉著「流動維港」的環保概念告訴市民「走塑」和環保的重要性,希望香港人可快樂地慶祝聖誕節和新年的同時,也著重可持續的生活模式,從而保護我們保貴的維多利亞港海濱。