The Beacon of Hong Kong
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Harbourfront Commission
Public Art Installation - 30m W x 2.4m H x 0.8m L
September 2021 – Built
2021 年9月 -完工
East Coast Park Precinct, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Winner | “Victoria Harbour” Word Art Competition
得獎作品 | 「維多利亞港」字型藝術裝置設計比賽
Silver | Better Future - Hong Kong Design Awards 2022
Nominated Award | HKIUD GBA Urban Design Awards 2022
Excellence Award | HKDA Global Design Awards 2021
Winner | “Victoria Harbour” Word Art Competition 2020
Ming Pao
Cable TV HK
Hong Kong Economic Times
HK 01
Headline Daily
Arnold Wong & Charmaine Lin
Kris Provoost (Photography)
Kelvin Ng (Photography & Videography)
Sense of Belonging
Victoria Harbour, with a mixture of beautiful buildings, mountain ridges and waterfront, forms the most unforgettable icon in Hong Kong.
Like Victoria Harbour itself, “The Beacon of Hong Kong” is an interactive, multi-cultural and multi-functional playground where the locals could have fun and the foreigners would visit. It is not only a new landmark but also a place that connects people and builds social harmony.

All Inclusive Design
This installation art embraces diversity and individuality, the hollow letters design and up-to-date AR technology allow people become part of the art. People from all age groups and cultural backgrounds can have their own way to interact with the letter, for instance, sit on it, lean on it, dance, perform or simply take a photo with their friends and family.

An Iconic and Memorable Landmark
Bold fonts with bright colours reflect the beautiful Victoria Harbour night view and imprint a strong image to visitors. Mesh design is incorporated to re-interpret traditional Chinese ‘screen’ craftsmanship and traditional Chinese window frames in a contemporary way. Chinese characters of different districts along the Victoria Harbour are scattered all over the letters, boosting the sense of belonging and forming another angle of appreciation at the same time.

The Beacon of Hong Kong
With all the design, functional, buildable and safety elements carefully incorporated, “The Beacon of Light”, a new landmark is made for everyone to celebrate the vibrant life of our world-class city.