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Social Framework
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Hong Kong Art Centre
Community Art Installation
2021 - Concept Design
North Point Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong
- Via North Point - Open Call for Creative Community Space Proposals
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Rose Lin
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Inter-generational Open Framework
The Social Framework is an open framework that encourages all kinds of inter-generational social interaction and community engagement through various mediums. The framework is proposed as an organizational tool for the implementation of Styrofoam boxes and further community artwork and planting. The geometric form of the framework is derived from the organic nature of the nearby markets and expand in all directions. The vibrant colours of Chun Yeung Street are taken as a reference for the colour palette of the foam boxes to create a vivid and joyful space that can be relatable to by people of all backgrounds.

Improving Chun Yeung Street
We have three main observations at Chun Yeung Street - one of the most popular markets in Hong Kong. First, due to the market nature, the busy streetscape is occupied by a lot of used foam containers informally. Secondly, the visitors there are mainly elderly residents, with not many young people. Finally, the seating area at Chun Yeung Street is surrounded by sounds coming from various directions, such as the flyover behind, the tram line in front, and the busy markets all around. Based on the above, our proposal aims to achieve three goals:
1. To raise environmental awareness on the use of Styrofoam boxes and to educate the public about the possibility of upcycling.
2. To diversify the users’ age group and attract more younger generations to visit and hang out at Chun Yeung Street.
3. To provide an acoustic wall that both blocks the noise coming from behind the existing seating, as well as absorbing the sounds coming from the markets and the trams passing by to create a space with a greater sense of calmness and serenity in this vibrant neighborhood.

We understand Styrofoam boxes are an essential element for the market, therefore, the installation embraces this inevitability by creating a flexible framework to organize the used Styrofoam box in a grid system, very much like a bookshelf in ones’ home. As such, instead of lying scattered everywhere on street, the Styrofoam boxes can be temporarily stored at the framework before they are collected by the relevant party for recycling.

The open framework not only acts as a Styrofoam box storage system and an acoustic wall only, it also grows 3-dimensionally to act as an urban furniture for all age groups to enjoy interactively:
1. A mini theatre to look at the beautiful Chun Yeung Street market
2. A chess table for elderly to socialize
3. A raised platform for cultural performances such as busking
4. An extensive seating area for market shoppers to take a rest
5. A central station for Via North Point to host social events and promotions

Connects the North Point Community
The open framework connects the community by providing a variety of functions for people of all ages to use. In order to attract young people, the Styrofoam box at this fixed location will be painted and decorated by youngsters from North Point. This will provide them a space to express their creativity and boost their sense of belonging to Chun Yeung Street. Our vision is to see a child pointing to the acoustic wall and saying proudly “look! Mum and dad! I helped to decorate the wall behind this sitting area!”.