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Jazzy Snow Globe
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Harbour Office of the Development Bureau
Art Installation - 25m2
藝術裝置 - 25平方米
December 2022 – Built
2022 年12月 -完工
East Coast Park Precinct, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Vince Lee & Claudia Lau
Joshua Production (Photography & Videography)
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Since its opening in September 2021, the East Coast Park Precinct has been immensely popular not only among the people of Hong Kong, but also their pets. The “Jazzy Snow Globe” is an all-inclusive art installation that is always open to all walks of life.

The “Jazzy Snow Globe” takes inspirations from the palm-sized snow globes that were first invented by the Austrian - Erwin Perzy at the end of the 19th Century. Traditionally, the transparent sphere was made of glass and would enclose a miniaturized scene of a town, landscape or human figures. The “Jazzy Snow Globe” magnified the snow globe to a human scale, to frame the beautiful Victoria Harbour scenery, as well as to invite the public to enter the interior space filled with Jazzy Christmas music.