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HKU 111th Anniversary
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The University of Hong Kong
Public Art Installation Design & Build - 12m W x 2.4m H x 1m L
July 2022 – Built
Centennial Garden, The University of Hong Kong
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Ching Man Tai
Jervois One (Public Relations)
Joshua Production (Photography & Videography)
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This artwork to celebrate the 111th anniversary of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is created through one continuous wrapping form that celebrates the long history and continuity of HKU within the education sector of the city. The words “HKU” are spelt out in a circular form that encourages interaction and communication within members of the HKU community, as well as blending in seamlessly with the circular brick wall and landscape of the Centennial Garden. The pure and elegant white colour of the “HKU” contrasts with the gold gradient patterns that represent HKU’s dedication to excellence and subtly spell out the symbolic numbers of “111”. A closer look reveals that the gold gradient patterns are made up of the letters “H” “K” and “U” respectively to add a deeper level of detail and greater connection to the work for all visitors. As one explores inside each letter, they are also greeted with the names of the 8 faculties that make up HKU. At night, the artwork changes appearance with a multi-coloured animated lightshow that celebrates the university’s multi-cultural and diverse environment for education.