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Fireworks Symphony by the Harbour
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Harbour Office of the Development Bureau
Public Art Installation
July 2022 – Built
East Coast Park Precinct, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Ching Man Tai & Vince Lee
Joshua Production (Photography & Videography)
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With the theme Fireworks Symphony by the Harbour, local architect – ARTA Architects has created a surreal and immersive experience of a Fireworks Festival. Fireworks has long been the focal point of celebrations in Hong Kong where families gather around and watch as the Hong Kong skyline is lit up with an assortment of colours and patterns. Instead of an “instant” fireworks, ARTA has materialized the motion and vibrancy of the fireworks to create iconic artwork that can last for months to give a festive atmosphere for the visitors of East Coast Park Precinct.