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Arch of Light
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Architectural Services Department
100m2 Entrance Gateway for Lunar New Year Fair
2020 - Concept Design
Victoria Park, Hong Kong
Merit Award
- HKIA Idea Design Competition 2020
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Ryan Tun
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Fireworks has long been the focal point of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong where families gather around and watch as the Hong Kong skyline is lit up with an assortment of colours and patterns. Our design for the entrance gateway of the flower market conceptualizes the motion and vibrancy of the fireworks to create a stunning first impression for the participants.

Local Craft
Hong Kong is one of the only places in the world that still uses bamboo for scaffolding. Traditional bamboo scaffolding techniques are reinterpreted in an innovative and contemporary way to create a spherical form that is both strong and safe, as well as being a highly sustainable and cost effective building material.

To ensure the design can be constructed within the required timeframe, the main bamboo elements are prefabricated off-site in 4 different modules. Each module contains 16 pieces of bamboo painted in red, orange and white as a reflection of the colours of the fireworks.