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Jazzy Christmas
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Harbour Office of the Development Bureau
Art Installation - 50m2
藝術裝置 - 50平方米
December 2022 – Built
2022 年12月 -完工
East Coast Park Precinct, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Arnold Wong & Tat Lai Wong with Vince Lee & Claudia Lau
Joshua Production (Photography & Videography)
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Inspired by the spirit of improvisation and collaboration between performers that is deeply rooted in jazz music culture, the 6 metres tall Christmas Tree consists of participatory elements that allows visitor to play and interact with each other in an improvised manner. Golden metal tubes in cascading lengths resemble the musical instrument – Chimes. The layout of these tubes follows a spiralling geometry that takes precedent from the visuals of music notation, thus becoming a 3-dimensional visualization of jazz music.

Two sets of chime plates are embedded on the cascading metal tubes to allow visitors to orchestrate music inside and outside of the tree collaboratively. These unique tunes played by the public and all the other festive decorations will hopefully bring visitors unforgettable and joyful moments this Christmas with their loved ones.